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Surrogacy law is ever changing and evolving. You need to have an experienced attorney to guide you and devise a road map for your surrogacy journey. An attorney who will listen to your desires and concerns, when divising that roadmap. Things to consider, but not all inclusive are:

Considerations: Clients
  • Does the Gestational Carrier have independent medical insurance and does that insurance exclude surrogacy pregnancy?

  • Have the parties discussed and agreed on the confidentiality of the agreement?

  • Have the parties agreed on how many cycles the Gestational Carrier will go through to achieve viable pregnancy?

  • Have the parties agreed on how many embryos are being transferred with each given transfer procedure?

  • Have the parties agreed upon aspects of selective reduction or a therapeutic abortion?

  • Have the parties undergone both medical and psychological evaluations to ensure fitness for a surrogacy arrangement?

  • Have the parties come to an agreement on any restrictions that may be placed on the Gestational Carrier?

  • Do the Intended Parents have a plan for the child(ren) in the event that both die during the pregnancy?

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