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Leah Kisner, Founding Attorney

Leah has been practicing law for over 13 years. After starting her own firm in the fall of 2019, she expanded her practice from criminal trials and litigation to providing legal counsel to individuals who were either looking to start or expand their family via surrogacy, and to individuals who were looking to help by being a Gestational Carrier. Leah has an extensive litigation background in both state and federal courts. She is highly experienced in courtroom and is versed in filing petitions, motions, and proposed orders with courts. Given her experience and background, Leah can provide you with honest, easy to understand answers regarding your surrogacy journey, regardless if you are an Intended Parent or a Gestational Carrier. Additionally, you will work directly with Leah, not an assistant or paralegal. She is proud to be launching a program that will allow parties access to permissible case files, so that everyone involved will know in real time, 24/7 where they are at in the surrogacy journey from the legal side. Lastly, Leah works hard to ensure that you have your agreement no less than ten days from receiving documentation from Intended Parents and the Gestational Carrier. However, having personal knowledge and understanding of the emotional ups and downs of an infertility journey and the “hurry up and wait” feeling, most of the time it is sooner. 

Leah continues to maintain her criminal law practice, but surrogacy law has become her passion that she is most interested in. The "family law" arm of her practice will be focused on surrogacy as it relates to Assisted Reproductive Technology law. Her goal is to have assistance centered around Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers in the surrogacy journey. 

Leah lives in San Diego, California with her husband, and their three children. She utilizes numerous electronic means to meet with clients, when she cannot meet with them personally. She has been able to assist numerous Intended Parents with varying backgrounds domestically and internationally, in starting or expanding their family. 


B.A. Psychology, Boise State University

B.A. English, Writing Emphasis, Boise State University

Juris Doctor, cum laude, Seattle University School of Law 

LL.M University of San Diego School of Law

Jurisdictions Authorized to Practice:




United States District Court for Southern California

United States District Court for Central California

United States District Court for Idaho

Professional Memberships:

Resolve- The National Infertility Association

American Bar Association- Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Committee

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)- Legal Professionals Group



You will never wonder what is going on with the legal aspects of your surrogacy journey. Not only will you have direct access to information, but Leah consistently herself available to make sure all of your questions or concerns are taken care of. Leah strives to provide information as quickly as possible. In the event that something cf concern would happen, Leah will make sure that it is addressed swiftly without delay.




Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine

1000 E. Park Blvd. Ste. 110

Boise, ID 83712


Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh

5401 Norris Canyon Road, Ste. 106

San Ramon, CA 94583


Pacific Reproductive Center

3720 Lomita Blvd., Suite 200

Torrance, CA 90505


Utah Fertility Center

1446 S. Pleasant Grove Blvd.

Pleasant Grove, UT 84066


Reproductive Health Center

4518 East Camp Lowell Drive

Tucson, AZ 85712




The Gift of Surrogacy

6076 S. Pierre  Way

Boise, ID 83716 




SeedTrust Escrow 


If you are a surrogacy professional, we welcome inquiry on partnering with new agencies and fertility specialists. 

If you're looking for our criminal law practice, please visit or email

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